D2R Runes are the currency of Diablo 2. Higher Tier runes are amongst the rarest items to drop, and runewords are the most powerful items in the game. Runewords consisting of lower tier runes are often the best choice for levelling items, so make sure to check out our Best Ladder Starter Runewords guide and get ready to quickly level up your character. The quickest and easiest way to get your hands on any rune is by buying them on IGV . However if you want to find them yourself, here are a few tips for you:

More magic find

You have too much magic find, but there are instances and there's a lot of cases where if you prioritize getting more magic find a lot, you're gonna sacrifice too much whether it is faster cast rate, whether it's damaged you know essentially the things that assist you in kill speed and clear speed of monsters. You're going to be sacrificing too much of that to get a magic find, so if you're stacking 700 magic find, but it's taking you to know nine minutes to go killing Daryl one time that's not gonna benefit you, once you get over early on, if you get over 100 magic find from, then you want to prioritize kill speed a little bit later.

Maybe you can get 200 or 300 magic find, you don't need to get more than like 350 or 400 above that is almost worthless, so unless you're doing a specific type of build like a pit zerker where you can stack all that magic find and it doesn't affect your kill speed at all.

Once you get to 300 or something you don't want to worry about going too high above that so early on the first bit of magic find you get you're going to want to use that it's going to help you out a ton getting 100 150, but don't try to push your luck too much, because really at that point you just want to move faster, you want to kill monsters faster and you want to have more gear drop to give you more chances to find those good items.


Cows have a better chance of dropping runes than normal monsters do which is why cows have always been a spot that people have recommended to go and farm because you get all the other nice things and all that stuff but if you're looking for specifically runes kill a lot of cows get higher chances for it right there.

Swarms and Vultures

Swarms and Vultures which you find often in like act two right you know the swarms and like the far oasis and whatever not are they in the far-away system we think so they actually have a worse drop chance of runes.

The vultures are of course the birds that fly around so that is all of the monsters from best to worst because it's almost every mob is there, but there are a few that do have slightly better chances and that does play a factor in some of the farming zones for here.

The Council

The council has a good chance of dropping high runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected. They can be tricky to kill, but if you can clear these guys with ease, they can drop all sorts of the good loot and high runes are included in that drop table. If you don't have a character they can deal with those quickly, that might not be the best D2R rune farming spots for you step on this list.

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